News Brief: CD 469

by advocacysarah

Sarah Henderson, Posted March 10th, 2014

An article by Scott Hensley came out on on February 28th, 2014, entitled “Just One Dose Of Many Common Medicines Can Kill A Child”. Many opiates and other drugs are being pulled because the risk for addiction is more pertinent than the use for killing pain. Another huge risk is that many of these drugs can kill a child with one or two doses: if a child was to find the medication and take it, there is a much higher risk of death due to the potency of many of the medications on the market today. This information is important to Child Development professionals because the risks and risk factors to children are important to understand in order to keep children healthy and happy. For an in-home visitor, for example, it is imperative to be able to recognize these drugs in the house you are working at in order to inform the parents or guardians of the risks to the child, and to be sure that the medication is always out of reach of the child. Attached to this post is a list of medications that can kill a child with only one or two doses. I recommend studying this list and making sure to keep these medicines away from your own children or children you are working with, and informing families who may have these medications in their home to keep them away from their children.

The list of medications that are fatal to children with only one or two doses:


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